Cacesa announces the recent opening of a new branch in Liège (Belgium)

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CACESA is celebrating the recent opening of a new branch in Liège airport (LGG), making it the company’s third largest European hub for the receipt and processing of e-commerce merchandise. Liège is a Belgian city in the Francophone region of Wallonia.

At the end of October, CACESA obtained authorization from the Belgian customs authorities to process the customs clearance of goods with low and medium value for importation into Belgium or any other country in the European Union. On November 10, we received the first shipment of goods from Hong Kong, thus formally launching our operation in our new international branch.   

Under its Cacesa Postal service, CACESA processes over 30 million electronic commerce packages per year. From its operations centers in Madrid and Barcelona, the Company receives and distributes goods throughout Spain and the rest of the world, especially Latin America. Liège airport will be the entry point for goods destined for the rest of the European Union, making it possible to receive and process greater numbers of packages for these destinations.  

Cacesa Postal is our solution for the cross-border transport of e-commerce shipments. We manage packages sent between the main marketplaces and online sales portals in China. 

Our secret to becoming a reference as a provider of transport and logistics services for e-commerce businesses in under 5 years lies in the following:

  • We offer end-to-end services at the airports in Madrid, Barcelona and Liège.
  • We have cutting-edge technology for agile mass data processing and information exchange with all our customers and suppliers as well as with the customs authorities.
  • Know-how, assets and licenses: a team of specialized Customs professionals, Authorized Economic Operator (OAS) status, highly efficient handling, all the required licenses, a front-line airport terminal with air-side access, etc.

The “Casa Walloon” event was held on Thursday, November 7, it was organized by the Walloon Region Commercial Office at the Belgian Embassy in Spain and the Madrid Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services. CACESA Commercial and Operations Director Rodrigo Peñas Blázquez was invited as a speaker to talk about the Company’s business experience in Wallonia. In addition, together with CACESA’s general director, José Luis Freire, he received the Investment in Wallonia Prize 2019. 

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