Features of Packaging Suitable to Protect Your Merchandise

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Choosing the right packaging is vital to reducing damage to goods

In international transport, 80% of losses due to damage to goods and product returns can be prevented with appropriate packaging. The correct packaging of goods will minimize the risk of damage due to moisture, content loss, breakage, malfunction or contamination of products. 

In addition to considering the risks that may be associated with the means of transport, account must be taken of the type of goods and, where appropriate, the existing regulations for packaging that type of goods. There are goods subject to special requirements in this regard, such as dangerous goods, fragile goods, live animals, human remains, etc. In all cases, the market offers different packaging types and materials.

Types of packaging according to the nature of the cargo:

  • Conventional cargo: individual crates, boxes, drums, sacks, bales, etc.
  • Perishable cargo: packaging designed to maintain an ideal temperature.
  • Fragile cargo: packaging with protective accessories and labels for correct handling.

Some materials suitable for air transport:

  • Wood and natural fiber textiles. It is important to know that, to enter other countries, specific regulations must be complied with in accordance with ISPM No. 15.
  • Plant fiber and corrugated board (fiberboard)
  • Paper and cardboard materials, alone or in combination.
  • Metal containers for transporting liquids, powders, glass, etc.
  • Synthetics, plastic used as a container (sacks, bags, drums, containers), in thermoformable or stretch film and as a cushioning material.

Characteristics to be met by air freight packaging:

  • Waterproof – to protect from moisture and allow adequate ventilation.
  • Easy to handle by manual or mechanical means.
  • Strong enough to resist impacts, accelerations, vibrations or the weight of stacked goods.

At Cacesa, we are aware that for your company if your goods arrive in a defective condition this can have a significant impact on your billing. That is why we invite you to contact our professionals, who are experts in the handling and transport of goods, to advise and assist you in choosing the most appropriate type of packaging for your cargo

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