Tips for saving on transport costs for goods from China through maritime groupage

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Goods imported from China to Spain have become very common in recent years. In fact, it is common to find the main seaports crammed with containers full of products from China. The products’ low costs, when compared with those manufactured in Spain and within the framework of the European Union, are the fundamental reason for this.

However, transport can be carried out in different ways. For the purpose of helping you to make a better selection of the most suitable method for your operations, Cacesa provides information about the option of maritime groupage for transporting goods between China and Spain and when it is most convenient to do so.

Important information about maritime groupage

Basically, maritime transport enables goods to be transferred by ship between two different countries or cities. Maritime groupage, specifically, is based on grouping goods from different importers in a single container for the purpose of filling it completely, thereby saving costs.

At present, there are many companies that offer goods groupage services on imports from China to Spain. In fact, this intermediary is fundamental in order for the process to be executed correctly. In general, the final price is stipulated according to the volume of cargo measured in cubic meters and its weight.

Making a proportional calculation, groupage is more expensive than sending a full container. However, it is much cheaper if the goods to be sent from one country to another occupy less than half of the space available inside. In fact, this option is usually recommended especially when the goods in question have a small volume and high price such as consumer electronics (smartphones, laptops, electronic tablets, etc.).

Tips for reducing costs on groupage from China to Spain

It is well known that maritime groupage of goods between China and Spain can end up being quite expensive. However, these tips can help to make significant savings on the total cost:

  1. Be proactive: requesting these types of services at the last minute or with short deadlines is always more expensive. Also, with detailed planning and sufficient advance notice, prices between freight companies can be compared.
  2. Make your groupage operator your partner: establishing a relationship with a trusted company can help you to save on your orders. Keep in mind that both parties will benefit from a long-term agreement and certain loyalty.
  3. Don’t cut corners on packaging: it may seem contradictory that it is suggested to invest more money in the packaging. However, it has been observed that goods transported in groupage containers, when mixed together with those of other owners, have a greater risk of deterioration.
  4. Contract adequate insurance: something similar to that which is mentioned in the previous point. It is important to have insurance that covers loss and damage to your goods. An order received in poor condition and without insurance can mean significant losses.
  5. Pay due freight: probably the most important of all. This formula, which implies that the freight is paid by the owner of the goods at the destination point, must be included in the shipping and service contract documents.

Cacesa recommends completing all groupage import transactions under FOB or EXW conditions at due freight, since the co-loader does not usually have a set rate and depending on how the freight has been sold in China, they will charge one amount or another, which can often be very high. Making freight due transactions can avoid surprises.

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